A Homebrewing Blog? No Way!

Yes, I know I’m not exactly doing something original here.  But hey, why not.  I feel like I struggle to keep track of my thoughts, recipes and general brewing topics so it felt right to collect a lot of it here.  I guess I should start off with an introduction.  My name is Sean Kane and I have been brewing on and off for about 5 years now, going from simple extract kits, to developing my own recipes, and now finally in the past year I made the move to All-Grain brewing.  I live in Chester County, PA about 30 miles West of Philadelphia so I have been spoiled by the influx of great local breweries opening up around here as well as a pipeline for some of the better beers across the country and beyond.  There also seems to be a large contingent of home brewers in the area which has been great to see.

Craft beer has become one of my main passions in life.  Is that bad?  I mean don’t get me wrong, I always put family, friends and work above it, but thankfully even those things sometimes overlap in a magical way with beer.  I’ve found that like any other hobby, it can lead to building some unexpected relationships with people and businesses that you may never have thought possible without being involved.  We are living in arguably the greatest time period when it comes to having great beer available for consumption.  You never know when it will all shift to something else, so for now, lets enjoy the ride…